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My purpose



We were born into

this time to bring a





My purpose



We were born into

this time to bring a




I'm excited to introduce you to my latest offering: AWAKE

AWAKE is a 3 month virtual group journey where an intimate group of 6 mindful leaders commit to deepening their presence within so they can live a life full of purpose, love, freedom and abundance.  This is a one of a kind group that works on your professional, personal and spiritual goals.  Each participant will determine their goals before the journey starts with Gigi. 

Sign up on our waitlist for the next session starting in March 2018.

The ability to know how to be with what arises within us allows us to be creative rather than reactive.  It allows us to meet life proactively without fear.  It is a skill that underpins everything we do. 


You don’t have to do it alone.

My superpower is understanding where you are in your journey and knowing exactly how to get you to where you want to go next.

I am here to guide you quickly and effectively wherever you are in life. What excites me the most is working with people who prioritize mindfulness and self-realization and want that level of wisdom to inform all areas of their life.

Yet, mindfulness, self-realization, or awakening, doesn’t immediately solve all of your problems or make things go away. There are still relationships, careers, life purpose, family, health, trauma, emotional and mental patterns that need your love and attention.  

I am here to help you understand how to be with all aspects of the human stuff with balance and harmony by stabilizing your connection to your own highest wisdom.

You will learn to tap into your own mindful connection to something way smarter than you are, receive your own answers and live in flow with that wisdom.  Your awakening will be anchored with tools you can come back to whenever you feel off center.

Through time tested methods of how to anchor and stabilize your mindfulness and awakening, you become your own superhero and a grounded, powerful, clear and nurturing  asset to your community and planet.  

- Gigi Azmy, MBA
Co-Founder of Awakened Founders & Urban Awakening


I didn't ask for the following testimonials...

That is why they mean so much to me.

  James Vanelli, CEO of Transformational Marketer

James Vanelli, CEO of Transformational Marketer

I was fortunate enough to get a 2-hour session in with Gigi, just before the holidays.

Let me tell you, this was no "woo-woo" experience.

Gigi is incredibly intelligent and very grounded with a solid academic and professional background. But she also has an immense talent for coaching, and an impressive toolbox of techniques to help work on the mind.

I had no idea what to expect from the session when I booked it. In fact, my general worry when booking a call with any coach like this for the first time, is that they'll the type of "ultra spiritual" nutcase coach that people like JP Sears makes fun of.

Luckily for me, this was not the case. Far from it!

In that 2-hour session, I received 2 key takeaways:

#1) I established clarity of (and tactical action steps to resolve) the top 6 things that are holding me back from a greater impact, better health, better relationships, higher achievement, and a better overall life.

#2 ) I renewed my belief in the importance of meditation, mindfulness, and being present.

During the call, through some of the exercises that we did, I entered a state of calmness, presence, openness, and peace like never before.

I saw right then and there how accessible this place is, and how important it is that I keep working toward making that my default state, and how powerful and positive of an impact that would make on EVERY experience that I am a part of.

It's difficult to read about this on their website or through this post and truly UNDERSTAND what this type of coaching can do for you as a modern day business leader.

You definitely have to experience it to understand it.

So if you want to achieve your highest purpose as a leader while living with deeper mindfulness, balance, and freedom in every aspect of life, I'd recommend you connect with Gigi Azmy or Jeremy Richardson.

- James Vannelli
Founder & CEO of Transformational Marketer 


Gigi Azmy is a rare and incredible executive coach with an MBA personal development expertise. She is fiercely compassionate yet holds you accountable to your junk. So appreciative of this female business rockstar, and all she has done to pave the way for the next chapter in my life.

To be a true leader, you've got to do the work.

- Kathryn Goetze
Founder & CEO of The Mood-factory and iFred

Conscious Balanced Leadership

We all have masculine and feminine traits within us, and whether you know it or not, they deeply impact the way you lead. Take our quiz to find out what kind of leader you are, and how to cultivate more conscious balance leadership. 

Gigi works with organizations, executives and leaders to help them cultivate congruency and flexibility, fostering leaders of the new millennia who thrive through balance of the mind and heart. 


Gigi is shaping and catalyzing a new modern awakening. She is fresh, open, and bringing something that is more than present. She is bringing the “new now” - presence for the modern age.
— Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacking

What I offer

What I offer


What I Offer

From one on one sessions to group gatherings, the intention is always to further our awakening and touch into the truth that is always present within all of us.


Private Coaching

I offer one on one personal sessions that dive gently, deeply and intimately to explore where you are in your awakening journey and where you are ready to leap next.  

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AWAKE: 3 Month Group Journey

AWAKE is a 3 month virtual group journey where I will guide 6 committed souls in awakening to the Truth of their Being so they can live a life full of purpose, love, freedom and abundance.  


Sacred Ceremonies

I facilitate a number of group ceremonies where you'll come together in community to shift, heal, and transform through focused intention.


Urban Awakening

Urban Awakening is a weekly gathering where we create an emotionally safe container for spiritual realization, exploration and direct experience. 


Awakened Founders

My partner, Jeremy, and I created Awakened Founders to help startup founders and leaders tap into their innate genius so their companies achieve their highest potential for positive impact in the world.


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I have known Gigi for almost two years, having attended occasional Urban Awakening groups. I began working with her one-on-one just over two months ago. When I came to her, I was absorbed in a pain I could not find relief from. Because I did not know how to face it, it affected my entire life. I frequently woke up feeling anxious and unsafe. I felt distracted and unmotivated at work.

Initially, I resented what I was experiencing and refused to face it. Gigi embraced me where I was and provided me with support and acceptance. Gradually, she helped me understand that the pain was a wake up call from deep inside, telling me that it was time to face things I had been hiding from my entire life. Gigi gave me some simple tools to speak with my inner child, whom others and I had been abusing my entire life.

Gigi’s teachings are simple, powerful, and joyful to experience. They allow me to embrace both the divine and the human, knowing that they are the same. She fosters a space for me to experience the bliss of my being, while also committing to supporting the daily challenges that come up for me, like pain in relationships and frustration at work. Additionally, Gigi’s availability via text for support between sessions has been a lifeline.

Walking the path of healing with Gigi has begun to reward me in surprising ways. My pain is dissolving. I have felt a strong urge to draw and to learn again, after years of having associated creativity and knowledge with force and expectations. I feel blessed to receive Gigi’s gift. I feel joy and freedom flooding back into my life

~ Rebecca, San Francisco

Gigi has a gift for offering spiritual guidance that is grounded and founded inside the complexities of the human condition. No one is turned away, and no one is asked to be perfect. In a sea of spiritual leaders who too often bring people to lose themselves in illusions of attaining perfectionism or enlightenment; Gigi skips over the superficial, and moves directly to the matter of how we can grow right here, right now, as we are. Gigi walks the walk. Her relationship to our community, to her partner and to her home are examples on how to live in harmony. She didn’t come from privilege, so she knows the struggles of survival. All of her wisdom wraps you in her arms and you feel at once that anything is possible.

~ Kaley Isabella, San Francisco

I must share with you all... I received a healing session from Gigi Azmy, a wise and magnificent sister and woman of high transmission, power, and grace during this time of awakening, and it was absolutely magical! Gigi is a direct channel for the initiation of women into our highest source of power, courage, compassion, and Truth. She serves as a holy alchemist, merging the Noble Truths of non-duality with the deep roots of our ancestral, shamanic interconnectedness with all of life. It is a high honor to be in the presence of such a powerful, sincere, and exquisite woman who teaches from her own deep pools of experience, existence, and rich wisdom. She orchestrates her sessions with so much love and presence and a Fierce Grace that permeates each moment of healing and revealing. I hold the teachings from our session together very close to my heart and very often remember her words and guidance, infusing these teachings into my daily life and my continual expansion and ascension in love, integrity, and power. I am immensely grateful for this woman, as a sister, a friend, a guide, a mirror, an inspiration, and a dream weaver. I highly recommend her transmission and service in our world right now for any and all women looking to step deeper into self-realization, intentional healing, and growthful connection with the infinite mystery and magic of all that is.

~ Verana Faye, Berkeley

So learning so learning .... and so detaching from the labels ... it feels like leaves falling off a tree 🍂🍂 🌲 . Owning my internal power and creating and building a foundation of love from my own essence. Feels good to work through this part of my journey and connecting more on the inside instead of what I was told on the outside ... what stories I have ..what I tried to disown and loving all parts and not some .the beauty that comes from knowing I'm not that pain, I'm not that story . 

Thank you Gigi Azmy for all that you opened up for me and the tools I've been given with love and understanding ❤️🙏🏽 xo loved working with you sister to many more open doors of healing 😘

Mhairi Scallion-Santera

Last night was so amazing! I keep having new insights float down through my consciousness today. I feel like I am gathering more pieces from my life's story so far, even grabbing pieces passed down from my elders, to integrate into my own awareness of my pain and to help put together the puzzle of my existence/humanity . It gives me an understanding of why I believed what I did and thus why I felt and acted the way I did. This sheds light on the pain and more layers are beginning to dissolve. I already in some places of my being feel lighter. I took my journal with me everywhere today so I could jot things down and thus form an even more clear picture for integration. Thanks so much for your guidance.

~ Rachel H.


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