AWAKE is a 3 Month Virtual Group Journey

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You're devoted to your full awakening

You go to a retreat, or a medicine journey, or an intensive, and then you are left by yourself to put all the pieces together.

You are looking for deep support. You are hoping for someone to help you go further, faster and smoother.  

However, the road is bumpy and there is no real map; this is a personal journey. It's hard to find a teacher who will work with you one on one. You go to a retreat, or a medicine journey, or an intensive, and then you are left by yourself to put all the pieces together.

You truly want to “get it”, but you get stuck in spiritual cul-de-sacs... you get on the hamster wheel of trying to be “unconditionally loving”, “compassionate”, “still” and “silent” within, or maybe you've tried to end your sense of self and ego.  

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I went the long way, so you don't have to

I began my path at 16 years old, and I spent the next 15 years much like everyone else: fully committed to my awakening, but misunderstanding the teachings with no one to directly teach me on a consistent basis.

It took me this long because I didn’t have direct access to a teacher to guide me along my journey - I had to figure it all out on my own.

I spent years thinking meditation was the only way to enlightenment and guilted myself for not having a continuous practice. I thought spirituality was about rejecting certain thoughts and emotions and grasping for certain states and experiences.

I misunderstood teaching after teaching. It took many insights and over a decade of dedicated work to truly understand the workings of awakening to the Truth of my being. After that, I spent another 5 years learning how to fully embody and anchor my awakening into my everyday life - neither grasping for a state nor rejecting anything that arose within myself.

It took me this long because I didn’t have direct access to a teacher to guide me along my journey - I had to figure it all out on my own. Now, after 20 years of this incredible self-learning, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others do the same, but in a fraction of the time that it took me.

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My superpower is understanding where you are in your journey and knowing exactly how to get you to where you want to go next.

Introducing AWAKE

AWAKE is a 3 month virtual group journey where I will guide an intimate group of committed souls in awakening to the Truth of their Being so they can live a life full of purpose, love, freedom and abundance.  

It's my greatest gift and highest purpose to share with you the direct path to awakening, and how to live the life you know you're meant to. During the AWAKE group journey, I will be applying and teaching a treasure trove of extraordinary tools that cut to the personal heart of any matter that you are working on.

Custom tailored just for you

My superpower is understanding where you are in your journey and knowing exactly how to get you to where you want to go next. Before the program starts I will have a 2 hour one on one goal setting session with each member. During this session, we'll assess where you are today and where you want to be after the 3 month journey. Specifically, we'll lay out your:

  • Awakening Vision - Who do you want to BE after this 3 month journey? What dream do you want to turn into reality?
  • Strategy - A detailed action plan of goals, habits, and rituals. These will support and renew you on a daily and weekly basis so you can stay on track to achieving your vision.

What we'll work on during the program

Every week we'll see where you are with respect to your strategy and what you need to work on next. Specifically, throughout the program we'll work on the following areas of your life such that you are in alignment with your Awakening Vision:

  • Mindset - We will look deeper into the psychological barriers that are holding you back from achieving your vision, and we'll create new, empowering beliefs to support you as you step into the next version of yourself.
  • Skillset - We'll identify any skills you may need to build, and implement an action plan to incorporate them into your everyday life.
  • Energy - We'll dive deep into the people, habits, and activities that fill you with energy, and which drain you of energy. You will make the necessary changes to increase the former, and reduce the latter.

Grow as a group, and individually

During AWAKE, you'll receive coaching as a group, as well as private Awakening Sessions:

Group coaching

Every week I will lead the group in exploring a specific theme of awakening. I'll also guide each participant in navigating all challenges and goals that they are facing. Communal learning, where everyone can see each other’s journey, mistakes, and wins helps everyone advance faster.

Private Awakening Sessions

Every other week, each member will have a private Awakening Session with me. Each session is a unique, powerful experience. Each session will build on the previous towards achieving the Awakening Vision we outlined at the beginning of the journey. 

Skills you'll learn and apply

  • How to develop a transparent, enlightened relationship with your ego that serves your highest purpose
  • How to develop clear, reliable communication with Spirit: your intuitive internal guidance system. You will be applying this to the real world challenges you face each week.
  • How to create, develop, and maintain a conscious relationship with your partner, community, and family
  • The art of effortless effort --- how to live in the Tao, live in flow and get more done with less “doing”
  • How to be with and heal what arises emotionally and mentally — all the fears, limiting beliefs, inner blocks, emotional wounds, trauma and anything else that creates struggle, suffering, and prevents you from living the life of your dreams

Journey details

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Before the program starts you will have a 2 hour private session to determine your personal goals for the 3 months
  • We will meet as a group once a week for 2 hours (via video conference).
  • Every other week you will have a 30 minute private Awakening Session with Gigi (via video conference).
  • Daily and lifetime access to the private AWAKE Facebook group for sharing your day to day wins and receiving support for your challenges. Gigi will be very involved in answering all questions and supporting insights. 
  • Support for your personal growth isn't over at 3 months!  You have the ability to re-enroll into future 3 month AWAKE journeys to continue receiving personal and group support.


This 3 month AWAKE group journey costs $2,000. A payment plan is available.

Start date: The next group will begin on February 18th, 2018. Join our waitlist below to get notified.

When you fall in love with sourcing yourself from the deepest part of your being, it causes The Universe to support your healing, learning and growth in profound ways. Once you have tasted this, you will not want to live any other way.
— Gigi Azmy

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Meet Gigi

Gigi Azmy is a successful business consultant turned spiritual mentor & Awakening Coach. After getting her MBA, she spent two years working at Accenture until she decided to go independent. She went on to found Azmy Consulting, where for the past six years she’s been designing, managing, and implementing technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

It was during this time, outside of her consulting business, that she also began to step into her role as a spiritual mentor, but not under her own ambitions. People naturally began coming to Gigi seeking spiritual guidance and eventually she was asked to start leading community circles and ceremonies. In stepping into this role as a spiritual mentor, she was able to understand and refine her innate ability to guide others through the uncharted territory of their soul. She uses this gift to help her clients unlock their next stage of spiritual progression by helping them access the truth latent within themselves.

Gigi uses a combination of Shamanic practices, spiritual inquiry, Zen, Buddhism, Vedanta, Tantra, flow teachings, inner listening, and she is deeply connected to the two polarities within us that are calling for balance: Masculine (Stillness/Consciousness) and Feminine (Energy/Love). Her work therefore centers on the Stillness practices from the East mixed with the beautiful, sacred earth and heart-based intuitive knowings of indigenous ancestors.

She is co-founder of Urban Awakening where she facilitates weekly spiritual gatherings, Anchored Awakening where she works with clients privately, in groups, and in retreats, and also Awakened Founders, where she works with her partner Jeremy to help founders, leaders, and executives add more purpose, presence, and flow to their work and their lives.


Gigi has a gift for offering spiritual guidance that is grounded and founded inside the complexities of the human condition. No one is turned away, and no one is asked to be perfect. In a sea of spiritual leaders who too often bring people to lose themselves in illusions of attaining perfectionism or enlightenment; Gigi skips over the superficial, and moves directly to the matter of how we can grow right here, right now, as we are. Gigi walks the walk. Her relationship to our community, to her partner and to her home are examples on how to live in harmony. She didn’t come from privilege, so she knows the struggles of survival. All of her wisdom wraps you in her arms and you feel at once that anything is possible.

~ Kaley Isabella, CEO of Kaley Isabella Dance 

~ Walter Roth, CEO of Mindfulness Daily App

I must share with you all... I received a healing session from Gigi Azmy, a wise and magnificent sister and woman of high transmission, power, and grace during this time of awakening, and it was absolutely magical! Gigi is a direct channel for the initiation of women into our highest source of power, courage, compassion, and Truth. She serves as a holy alchemist, merging the Noble Truths of non-duality with the deep roots of our ancestral, shamanic interconnectedness with all of life. It is a high honor to be in the presence of such a powerful, sincere, and exquisite woman who teaches from her own deep pools of experience, existence, and rich wisdom. She orchestrates her sessions with so much love and presence and a Fierce Grace that permeates each moment of healing and revealing. I hold the teachings from our session together very close to my heart and very often remember her words and guidance, infusing these teachings into my daily life and my continual expansion and ascension in love, integrity, and power. I am immensely grateful for this woman, as a sister, a friend, a guide, a mirror, an inspiration, and a dream weaver. I highly recommend her transmission and service in our world right now for any and all women looking to step deeper into self-realization, intentional healing, and growthful connection with the infinite mystery and magic of all that is.

~ Verana Faye, Founder of VeranAstrology

Thank you Gigi Azmy for all that you opened up for me and the tools I've been given with love and understanding ❤️🙏🏽 xo loved working with you sister to many more open doors of healing 😘

So learning so learning .... and so detaching from the labels ... it feels like leaves falling off a tree. Owning my internal power and creating and building a foundation of love from my own essence. Feels good to work through this part of my journey and connecting more on the inside instead of what I was told on the outside ... what stories I have ..what I tried to disown and loving all parts and not some .the beauty that comes from knowing I'm not that pain, I'm not that story . 

~ Mhairi Scallion-Santera, Senior Executive Accountant

~ Maxwell Wilson

Last night was so amazing! I keep having new insights float down through my consciousness today. I feel like I am gathering more pieces from my life's story so far, even grabbing pieces passed down from my elders, to integrate into my own awareness of my pain and to help put together the puzzle of my existence/humanity . It gives me an understanding of why I believed what I did and thus why I felt and acted the way I did. This sheds light on the pain and more layers are beginning to dissolve. I already in some places of my being feel lighter. I took my journal with me everywhere today so I could jot things down and thus form an even more clear picture for integration. Thanks so much for your guidance.

~ Rachel Hardin, Liscensed Therapist

Gigi is everything my meditation & yoga teachers are not. I will not even compare her to my therapist. All of these people are in love with my journey and want the very best from me but Gigi connected to me in a way that made me know she needed the best from me in the same oneness that I needed the best from myself. 

She reflected back to me my "Divine Feminine" spirit. I'm able to see my best self in a way that's never come through before. There were parts of myself that I had closed both intentionally and unintentionally to love. I couldn't fathom allowing myself to be fully seen by another soul, let alone a fully awaken man; partner and lover.... I was a woman who "had it all together, and everything was always fine" even thought it never really was when it came to my finding or being present in love. 

Two weeks after speaking to Queen Gigi, I was beginning to show the world my difference. It resulted in one man asking me to be his girlfriend, another saying he loved me, and another actively pursuing me....wanting to show his Divine Masculinity. 

The way I love myself is different. The way I see myself is different. 

I'm looking forward to more work with Queen Gigi. Work to call in the one for me, to fully awaken myself and anchor that awakening into all things. She has a unique gift to really see and discern the spirit. I'm thankful she sees past all of my deflections. It is such a beautiful encounter to have time with her. 

Queen, thank you for answering your call. 

~ Cashira Maddox 

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