What if I am not able to make it to all the classes?

This program is set up for you to be wildly successful.  To ensure that we have a policy that you can only miss one class.  You will have to forfeit the course if you are unable to attend. 

What is the format of the course?

a) You will have a login for the course website where the materials for the 8 weeks will be available for your review before our weekly session.  

b) Every Sunday, between 10am-12pm PST, we will jump on a live virtual video call on Zoom.  I will teach the materials for that week and take all of your questions.  There is an open format of interactive communication and questions and answers. 

c) I don't give you any unnecessary materials or activities during the course.  The work you will be doing in between classes will be ONLY to take you into your next level of healing and skills building to create an extraordinary relationship. The weeks build powerfully to give you the transformation you need. 

d) AND...you also get FOUR one on one private session with Gigi.  You will be able to schedule those session on your own time.  The private sessions are done over video or phone call.  

Will the classes be recorded?

All live session will be recorded and shared with you immediately after the Sunday class. If you miss a call you will be able to review the recording.  You also have the course web page to review the specific week's material. 

Is this for singles or couples?

It is for both!  Couples are more than welcome to join. If you are interested, please reach out to Gigi for a possible package rate. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payments are available.  If you are interested, please reach out to Gigi for a for the payment types you could be put on. 

What is the purpose of the free 30 minute call before the course?

There are 2 reasons for the call.  One, we want to make sure that everyone that enters the class is the right fit.  Sometimes people are not truly ready yet to make big transformational shifts in their lives.  Two, we want to identify the top 3 blocks you have so you can start working on them right away and during the course. 

Is there a refund?

No, all payments are final.