Let’s face it...

Relationships are hard. Over time they lose their spark, their juice and their energy (assuming they had any to begin with). Year after year the same negative patterns prevent the deepest levels of connection and intimacy from truly being present, and the routines we get stuck in leave little time or energy for passion, excitement, and freedom.

In short: our relationships end up in patterns of fear, control, obligation, and the need for approval.

There is another way…

Flow As One

Create a Relationship of Passion, Purpose, and Freedom, Together

Imagine… Having a relationship that is easeful, exciting, and always new.

Imagine… Being able to fully love and express yourself to your partner.

Imagine… Waking up every day beaming with passion for your partner and your life.

Imagine… Living in a soul-aligned flow with your partner, allowing your biggest dreams to come to you without effort.

Imagine... Creating a life of deep passion, clear purpose, total freedom, and profound pleasure, together.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, it's time to discover and experience what it means to have the type of relationship you've never even dreamed of; one filled with true ease, passion, purpose, and flow.

This is your birthright... it's time to claim it.

Flow As One.

Meet Gigi & Jeremy

Gigi and Jeremy are world-class coaches and experts on living in a conscious relationship. They combine their deep knowledge of personal growth, spirituality, trauma, and emotional healing tools to guide others in cultivating relationships built on trust, love, vulnerability, passion, and freedom.

What makes Gigi and Jeremy stand out is that they live what they teach. As partners, every day is a new opportunity to consciously choose to how to show up for each other and the world. They recognize that being committed to continual personal growth is the key to a passionate and purposeful relationship filled with pleasure and freedom.

Now, they've been called to help others create the relationship and life they've always dreamed of. A life full of passion, purpose, freedom, and pleasure.

Flow As One is the answer to this call.

The Flow As One Experience

An intimate three day retreat in Berkeley, CA

In January 2018, over the course of two days at our home in Berkeley, we'll be guiding an intimate group of 12 people on a journey of deep embodiment of what it means to create a relationship that is filled with passion, purpose, freedom, and flow.

Flow As One is built on top of six core pillars of embodiment. We dive into all six pillars in our three day retreat. It's through the understanding and embodiment of each pillar that you will take yourself and your relationship to heights you can't imagine.

Couples, deepen your ability to...

  • Feel safe to be honest and clear about what you want in your relationship
  • Let go of your anxiousness or fear about love
  • Transform your love making into a space of deep healing and rejuvenation
  • Take your sexual connection and passion to the next level
  • Cultivate a relationship that holds you to the highest version of yourselves
  • Create a relationship that fuels your life’s work
  • Align with your partner to consciously co-create the life of your dreams

Singles, deepen your ability to...

  • Recognize and remove blocks that prevent The One from stepping into your life
  • Show up fully without fear by healing old wounds around abandonment, rejection & freedom
  • Stay connected to your true needs without giving yourself away
  • Discern if someone is perfect for you, BEFORE your first date
  • Maintain your sense of self and purpose after The One is here


The Six Pillars of Flow As One

I. Devotion to Truth

In any given moment, which are you more devoted to: your comfort zone, or the Truth? The Truth often hurts [our ego], but devotion to it above all else is crucial to creating the foundation for Flow As One.

II. Safety

How attentive are you to your partner's subtlest moods? How willing are you to respond with an open heart to your partner, even when it's difficult? How present and engaged are you after a long day of work? Continually moving towards your partner creates a space of true safety that your relationship will blossom from.

III. Use Your Triggers To Deepen Intimacy

If you're able to completely BE with each other's pain in a raw, vulnerable way, then you'll find that your pain is the doorway into growth and deeper intimacy.

IV. Prioritize Romance

It's easy to put our life responsibilities before making love. We wake up and rush off to work, and by the time the evening rolls around we're tired from the day and just want to sleep. However, prioritizing your romance is fundamental to keeping the passion high and your relationship thriving relationship.

V. Embody your Masculine & Feminine

Keep your connection, charge, and passion high by embodying the divine masculine and feminine essences.

VI. Flow

When you live in flow, life is effortless, magical, passionate, and abundant. There's an deep Trust that all is well, that there is a purpose in life, and that you're living it. There's a sense of a current that is far greater and more powerful than anything you could create, and that all you have to do is align with this current to live the life of your dreams.

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  • Three Day Flow As One Retreat: January 19th, 2018 in Berkeley, CA
  • Group size: Limited to 12 people
  • For Singles and Couples


  • $1,200 per person

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Attend a live mini workshop

Get a taste of Flow As One at one of our interactive workshops in San Francisco and Berkeley. During each workshop, we'll dive into one of the six Flow As One pillars. Singles and couples are welcome.

Workshop 1

Saturday, December 9th from 1-3:30pm in Berkeley, CA

Workshop 2

Friday, December 15th from 7-9pm in San Francisco, CA

This is for you if...

You’re in a relationship and ready to level up your commitment to yourself, your partner, and living in alignment with your Truth.

You’re single and ready to take responsibility and be the person your life partner requires you to be before they show up.

You are generally successful in life, but don’t want to stop where you are. You’re ready to embody your highest self in every aspect of life.

You strive for balance across mind, body, heart, and spirit. You understand that going deep in all four of these areas is core to living the life of your dreams.

You understand that dedication and commitment are required in order to master life. You welcome challenges and are eager to quickly change anything that isn’t working.

You seek to know the Truth, especially when it shines a light on an area that needs improvement.

You hold yourself to the highest degree of integrity based on your own self-authored soul-aligned values.

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