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Meet Gigi

Gigi Azmy is well known for one thing: her ability to rapidly transform her clients chronic issues into success with laser like precision. Before she became well known for her powerful transformational work, she worked for one of the biggest business consulting agencies in the world, Accenture.  She then opened her own tech consultancy and has been designing, managing, and implementing technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies for the past 8 years. Today, Gigi is a recognized conscious thought leader and coach in the San Francisco bay area. Gigi studied psychology as an undergraduate at Rutgers University and has her Masters in Business from Thomas State University.


Becoming “The One” - 8 Week Live Course

This live & virtual program sells out every time because it is designed to support you in revealing & healing your relationship blocks. These very blocks cause your self-sabotaging patterns in relationships. Included are 4 hours of private sessions with Gigi! The result will be freeing yourself of the deep emotional trauma that has been running your life, and from a place of clarity, power, and truth, creating a foundation for your life where attracting and creating your dream relationship. Only 10 people to a group. For both Singles & Couples!

next session starting in JAnuary 12, 2020.

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Gigi is shaping and catalyzing a new modern awakening. She is fresh, open, and bringing something that is more than present. She is bringing the ‘new now’ - presence for the modern age.
— Mikey Siegel, FOUNDER, Consciousness Hacking


For those on hesitating, I want to say don’t wait! Gigi teaches from a place grounded in ancient knowledge and wisdom and perfected for our modern world.
— Nick, NYC


After just the first 2 weeks of the Becoming “The One” course I feel the biggest shifts for me have been that I am able to relate to myself and others in more confident, joyful and spontaneous ways because I feel SAFE and SECURE within myself.
— Charlotte, LA