Urban Awakening is a spiritual gathering supporting the awakening journey through community. By integrating the wisdom traditions of East and West in a universal and accessible teaching that includes meditation, self-inquiry, emotional processing, sacred ceremony and community support, we create an emotionally safe container for spiritual realization, exploration and direct experience. 

No longer is awakening confined to the ashram and monastery but is happening right here in the midst of our busy lives of work, family and friends. Urban Awakening supports the movement happening on our planet towards living our highest consciousness in everyday life.

Through an integration of inner silence, self-love, intuition, trust, self-inquiry, devotion and earth connection, we can awaken to a deep understanding of ourselves, our true nature and our intimate connection to each other and all life.

Urban Awakening is held one or more times per week in San Francisco and Oakland. Click here to see all upcoming gatherings.


Our story

Craig Wenaweser and I are best friends that would get together to nerd out on spiritual talk and beautiful hikes in Santa Cruz.  Craig had an intuitive hit and longing to teach and share his path.  He graciously invited me to co-facilitate.  Truly he was the first person to ever truly see my gifts and push me to share them.  We grew from small gatherings starting at the beloved Tea Oasis locations in San Francisco and Oakland.  We met twice a week to share the awakening journey with community.  Our gatherings were always free and unplanned in format. Participants got to chuckle as Craig and I would whisper what the flow of the night would be before we officially started.  What stand out in our gatherings is how they are full of genuine love, warmth and truth which became our signature.


What the community is saying