Coming home to the paradox of yourself. 
Human and Divine. 

I hope you have come to be within these pages because you have an irrevocable hunger inside of you to live in relationship to the Truth. If it be so, then you are the correct recipient.  To anyone else the words contained within would much less than make any bit of sense.  This is for the ones who have caught the incurable disease of longing for the Divine, call it by whatever name you wish.  My gift is to show you where you might be stuck or why you have missed the Truth despite your sincerest efforts. I will be someone you come too after you have exhausted many efforts.  I will further challenge all of your spiritual strategies, for the Truth will always be distilled into the same invisible single drop, no matter your God or master or which side of the Universe you reside.

     Now why do I say I will be someone you come too after you exhausted all efforts?  Because this is the very thing it seems each seeker must go through before they realize that all strategies to enlightenment are for naught.  The hamster wheel effect of trying this method and that one, this meditation and that one, this method of being more present, that teacher and that one, this book and the other, is what puts the “seek” in seeker. Poor thing doesn’t have the slightest clue that they are all strategies on the very same hamster wheel going nowhere but pure exhaustion and futility. And even if you knew the Truth from the very beginning, just like I knew, you most likely will do exactly as I did and avoid, dip and dodge. Anything not to take the last step out of the cageless prison, anything to convince yourself this new strategy, this extra meditation, this next thing will work, just to not have to do what you will do as your final act anyway: surrender joyously into the last step off of the cliff into the Unknown and allow it to be the master conductor for your wildest most fulfilling symphony. 

~ Gigi Azmy
(excerpt from upcoming book Hamster Wheel Before Enlightenment)