Lakota Sundance Ceremony

I waited for my private invitation for the Lakota traditional Sundance Ceremony for about 12 years.  I definitely was not the person I was 12 years ago.  I was rich in depth and mature on my spiritual path.  I wasn't looking for answers anymore per se, but what I am still left with is a deep devotion and reverence to wisdom and sacred ceremony. 

What I felt was that this ceremony is a mass soul retrieval for the dancers, for the community and for the planet.  We leave fragments of ourselves in trauma, in pain and in deep grief, sadness and suffering. We call all of those parts of ourselves back to live as a whole human Being. No matter how far we are on our path, how masterful we have become, we are not exempt from this deep looking and healing. As long as there is tension in the world, there is space to heal and let go. 

No matter where I go, which community I visit, which master or chief is the head of the group, there is always healing to be had for all. It is quite incredible that no matter which tradition, or corner of the earth, everyone comes together not to display their perfection, but to help themselves and others heal deeper. 

This is the place where all fantasies of grandeur and mastery vanish. I know I used to think mastery meant perfection. Life has shown me that simply the best master is the best servant. And they are their own best humble students. When we are honest we allow everyone to see that we are just as human as they are with our own things to work out.

Ultimately, there is nothing to heal for we all are the perfection of the Great Spirit. All of our stories, thoughts and memories return back to Source from which they came. But while we are here we can hold both to be true or we get very disconnected from Life. We are here to open our hearts as widely as possible. To be able to hold all of the grief of the human world with an open heart. To do that we let go of as much of our own grief as we can and hold the tendrils of the pieces that are still around in that vast open heartedness, humbly respecting its power in our lives.