What's Your Spiritual Why?

Why are you on a spiritual path? What are you doing this for? If you took this spiritual path all the way, what is your highest potential you envision for yourself?  Are you able to articulate clearly your Spiritual Why to yourself? And when you articulate it to your heart does it inspire you?

Your spiritual why is what anchors you to be on purpose on your awakening journey.  There are many pitfalls and side roads that you might get comfortable on if you don't have your clear why.  When you get side railed or when a dark night of the soul hits, your Spiritual Why becomes a beacon to remind you once again of the journey you purposely signed up for instead of the one your fear wants you to take. 

Maybe you saw an incredible speaker who opened your heart so widely you were forever changed. Or maybe you read up on intriguing research on mindfulness and meditation that might have piqued your interest. 

But do you know your deeper why?  If you're unsure, take the precious time to find out. This will help you immensely as you walk your journey.

How to find your Spiritual Why

Most of us have a spiritual why we might not be conscious about.  Your Spiritual Why lives in that very moment you knew you were going to embark on a path of spiritual learning.  What was that moment about for you?  For some spiritual seekers it is as blatant as the need to know a bigger cosmic Truth.  They are not able to rest unless they Know beyond mental understanding the workings of what we call The Universe, or God.  For others, they may want to gain a sense of inner joy that transcends the mundane events of day to day life.  There is no higher or lower Spiritual Why.  What you are looking for is whether or not it's true for you and inspires you. 

Close your eyes, gently allow the mind time to settle down. Go back to that moment when you knew you were committed to a path of spiritual learning.  Now recall the moment you knew your path was an important aspect of your life.  What was it for you back then?  What was the question or the need you were interested in?

If you cannot recall such a moment, again very gently and patiently inquire within after a few moments of inner silence. Ask yourself, "What is this really about for me?" What would have to happen, what goal would you have to reach, where you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you followed your "Spiritual Why" all the way through?  Our spiritual paths never end even after enlightenment.  Yet, we can still have a marker for ourselves that becomes an anchor helping us not to lose our way with the "good enough" mindset.

When I was around 16 I wanted to be able to communicate with Spirit.  Growing up in a religious family, the idea of being able to communicate with God was blasphemous, it was only reserved to deceased prophets.  Yet something within me knew that it was natural and that I wanted to see this all the way through - so much so that little else was important.  That became a burning question that turned into my Spiritual Why: I want to be able to communicate with Spirit and use its messages to guide my life.  That Spiritual Why is what carried me when I did a lot of spiritual work the next 15 years.  During my journey I've had many awakenings where I could have been satisfied with my progress and stopped. It was my Spiritual Why that continued to remind me that I'm not done; that there's still more to uncover.

So what is your Spiritual Why and does it inspire you?

Gigi Azmy